We are Sustainable at Set Surfaces


By offering hired sets, Set Surfaces aims to help reduce waste materials in the media production industry.


From creation to completion, we think about how we can be environmentally sustainable at every step of the journey, right from sourcing materials to delivering to our clients. 


Set Surfaces' mission is to supply hired sets that can be used again and again, as well as be repurposed. 


But there are things along the way that we have made sure to address to achieve gold star sustainability. 


Recognition for Sustainability


Our end to end approach to sustainability has meant that Set Surfaces now has industry recognition as a sustainable supplier from albert, the independent authority body for environmental sustainability in Film and TV. 


Industry Impacts


The film, TV and media production industry generally aim for perfection, so numerous props, clothes, sets and scenes are required to achieve this. Once used, much of this is incorrectly disposed of, producing tonnes of waste. 


Photography and film shoots also generate carbon and greenhouse gases from travel, delivering materials and onsite technology.

Whilst all these lead to a huge carbon footprint, many in the industry ensure they are more eco-conscious with their waste and carbon emissions. As such, many production crews are seeing the environmental benefits of working with hired sets, just like us. 


We believe that by hiring sets we remove the possibility of waste that is produced on one-time set builds, through materials like paint, wallpaper and fabrics. These materials are applied, removed and discarded in an environmentally harmful way.  


For example, the disposal of paint can lead to water contamination, the blocking of drains and a danger to wildlife. When wallpaper is disposed of, part of the material can lead to the production of methane gas. 


This is why we have created and developed a process that eliminates so much of this. 


So, How Have We Done This? 


Here’s a look at our production and delivery process, highlighting our approach to helping the environment. 


Our Studio


Starting at the place it all happens - our studio is powered by 100% renewable energy by using the supplier Bulb.


Like us, they believe in making energy cleaner and greener, with all their electricity powered from solar, wind and water (hydroelectricity). The average Bulb customer lowers their carbon impact by 3.2 tonnes of CO2 every year - the equivalent of 1,590 trees! 


Sourcing Suppliers and Materials


We aim to think of everything, which starts with not only looking at our carbon footprint, but that of the suppliers and partners we work with. 


We challenge all our suppliers on their sustainability mission before committing to work with them. This includes how they source their materials and how they dispose of them after use. 


Other initiatives we implement include ensuring all suppliers are from the UK, to guarantee less transportation to and from the manufacturers. 


We also work with independent and local suppliers who can work in their own environment and do not need to travel.  


Choosing the Most Environmentally Friendly Printing Options


We use the print process of dye sublimation to create all our products. By turning ink into a gas and back to a solid by fusing it with a polymer, this process is safe for the environment as it produces zero waste and doesn't contaminate water, unlike some printing processes. 


Set Surfaces work closely with a printing partner who limits their environmental damage. 


Making Wise Waste and Materials Decisions


Our panels are a quarter of the weight of traditional wooden flats and we choose reusable or biodegradable materials for all our sets where we can. These efforts ensure that the possibility of waste is reduced. 


For any materials or supplies that have to be disposed of, we try to offer them to craft businesses or donate to local schools and charities for office equipment. This not only helps the environment but it is also helping a good cause. 


Making the Right Travel Choices


Instead of using a diesel van for deliveries, we use a Jeep to reduce our carbon emissions. We believe that choosing the right vehicles for travel can make a huge difference in our environmental efforts.


Furthermore, when we have multiple orders, we plan deliveries effectively so that we can combine journeys and make fewer trips.


Whilst we do try to keep travel in-house, sometimes we need to outsource. When required we work with AddisonLee, who are award-winning in their commitment to reducing carbon emissions.


Our initiatives will be constantly assessed and added to. We aim to spread the word within the industry to our suppliers, customers, photographers, production crews, media companies and freelancers - so we can all work together to help the environment as much as possible. 


Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about our mission, products and services.


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