What does this do?

SETWrap is our unique on location/studio set solution. Imagine a giant sleeping bag that can zip onto two Inch thick, 8' x4' foot PolyBoard. Once mounted the SETWrap enables any our our SETSkins to be attached to its velcro surface. In doing so, this creates a large but light surface, that can be a block colour or texture. To travel to location, once folded, the SETWrap and a SETSkin, are the size of a pillow, which negates the costly deisel van delivery necessary for large panels.


We want to reduce transport CO2e and costs, so we created SETWrap™.

It converts a two inch polyboard into a background, as seen here, shot and styled to great effect here by @emmalightbown - Fashion Stylist / Presenter using Concrete #0210 Green.

SETWrap™ | Converts a PolyBoard into a surface