Environmental Policy | Set Surfaces

Set Surfaces | Environmental Policy 

Protection of the environment is a prime concern and a core business value at Set Surfaces. 

We are committed to helping deliver an environmentally sustainable media production industry. 

We seek to better understand and manage our impact, implementing initiatives to act on our opportunity to make a meaningful difference. 

In particular, we are committed to:

Further reducing carbon emissions from deliveries, with a target to move to hybrid vehicles by the end of  2021.

Further reducing chemical and paper waste from our print process [via our print partners] by attending tech and print trade shows to seek out the cleanest print tech available to us.

Increasing marketing activities to raise awareness within existing set & shoot production companies and freelancers, so that we offer ready-made and customised Set Panels and Set Floors, for hire.

Saying ‘no’ to selling our backdrop skins to brands avoids skins being thrown away after a single client has used them for a single campaign.


Our potential to make a difference:

Our core business is to provide a hired set solution that, when relevant, negates the waste associated with one-time set builds such as paint, wallpaper and fabrics being applied to flats, then removed. 

We also offer hired Set Floors, a huge amount of set floors are used one time and skipped - our goal is to reduce that waste.

Our panels are a quarter of the weight of traditional wooden flats, and we also can dispatch skins only to clients further afield, enabling more sustainable delivery options.

Our actions:

  •         Putting sustainability questions to all suppliers before contracting with them and ensuring they can meet our environmental needs - such as waste material systems.
  •         Our in-house deliveries are made in the smallest petrol-fueled car we could find, as opposed to a diesel van.
  •         We operate a zero-to-landfill policy across all operations (offices and productions). We repurpose or donate materials no longer needed.
  •         Where possible, we consolidate deliveries and collections - even if it means we collect a day later than booked and stock being out for longer than booked.
  •         We choose to use energy-efficient equipment within our office environment.
  •         Our office uses a supply of electricity from a renewable energy supplier [Bulb.co.uk]
  •         We offset the unavoidable elements of your carbon footprint (i.e. travel). We cycle into the office to offset deliveries made in vehicles. 

The next review date will be Dec 2020

Signed by Helen Labourt  [Director | Set Surfaces] July 2020