Sustainable Sets



Physical Product Options

Our SET solutions blend stunning aesthetics with sustainability, offering beautiful and eco-friendly background, backdrop, or set floor solutions for shoots and events. Despite their premium quality finish, they remain cost-effective, ensuring both visual excellence and budget-consciousness. As we only offer hire services, our company creates a circular 'set hire' loop that benefits the environment. Our main product, SETPanels, offers a blend of practicality and beauty, delivering a simple, cost-effective background solution for small-scale shoots and events without sacrificing quality.

Our SETPanels are lightweight background panels similar to flats and can be mounted in textile SETSkins. We have three styles of SETSkin: Printed Textures, Luxe Metallics, and Printed Block Colours. We also offer classic backdrops that are digitally printed onto sustainable textiles, and we call them SETDrop. All textiles have been handpicked, from high-end metallic snakeskin prints to prints of plaster, wood, and bricks shot in locations such as Sardinia and Argentina.