Wide Angle Shots and Corner Sets

Do you have an upcoming photoshoot where you need to shoot landscape? Or are you shooting stills to promote a dramatic scene for a TV programme?

If this is you, you most likely need to shoot wide-angle. To make the most of your space, you’re going to need to create a corner set.

At Set Surfaces, we aim to help photographers and professionals build their desired set style quickly and easily. Our panels are lightweight, portable, and therefore flexible in the way you can achieve multiple looks easily.

Popping up our panels and setting to work is quick and easy. In this blog, we will guide you through creating a corner set and offer some tips on creating the best possible shoot.


What is a corner set?


Put simply, a corner set enables the photographer to open up the shot. By setting up the panels like a corner, you can widen the angle and the perspective develops from narrow to wide. This gives a dramatic effect and highlights the surrounding environment. 


So, how do I create a corner set? 


We’ve created some top tips to follow below:

  • When you take the surfaces out of the protective bag, you will see the panels have velcro at the back, this is so they can be widened.
  • None of our panels are static, so our customers can be as creative as they need to be!
  • Commonly, wide-angle shots need to create an 8 x 8 or 12 x 12 corner set. 
  • You will only need two panels, and they will create a V shape. 
  • Instead of having the panels at a 90 degrees angle, open up the panels into a V shape to create 120-degree angles. This will give a wider perspective when shooting.
  • Think about the angle of the camera when shooting with a corner set. Because it is wide-angle, you will most likely get the floor in shot, so the images will need cropping. 
  • Our SETPanels are mounted with SETSkins which can highlight the wide-angle as well as giving a 3D effect. 
  • The corner set can be created with or without our SETSupports - If you are not using the supports you can simply use the red removable straps on the panels. 

Let’s look below at some corner sets that our customers have created:

If you would like to find out more about our corner sets, or any of our surfaces, please get in touch.


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