Client Credits

Our panels have been used in Feature Films, TV commercials, stills shoots, events, TV dramas and fashion magazines by the following clients, For a more detailed list, click here

Lindex (Fashion Stills Campaign)
Remington (Global Stills Campaign)

Adini (Fashion Stills Campaign)
ITV - Your Face (TV Light Entertainment)
Damsel (Fashion Stills Campaign)
Cotton Traders (Fashion Stills Campaign)
Ebay (E Commerce Campaign)
Aldi (TV Commercial)
Wonderland - Event (Live Event)
DFS Winter Sale (TV Commercial)
Schuh Event (Live Event)
Gillette (TV Commercial)

New Tricks (TV Drama)
Gucci (Perfume Stills Campaign)
Prima Magazine (Magazine Cover)
Remington (TV Commercial)
Jamie Magazine (Magazine Cover Shoot)
Drapers Magazine (Magazine Stills)
Dove (TV Commercial)
M&S (Fashion Stills Campaign)
Dementia UK (Stills Campaign)
Catastrophe (TV Drama)
Loreal (Stills Campaign)
Jack Daniels (Stills Campaign)
Aldi (TV Campaign)
Debenhams (E Commerce Campaign)
Alexander McQueen (Fashion Stills Campaign)
Samsung (Stills Campaign)
Pharmaton (TV Commercial)
JD Williams (TV Commercial)
Clarks Kids (Fashion Stills Campaign)
Waitrose (Food Stills Campaign)
Elle (Magazine Stills)
Jackpot Joy (TV Commercial)
House of Tomorrow (TV Drama)
Camelot (TV Commercial)
Britain's Got More Talent (TV Light Entertainment)
Gadget Man (TV Light Entertainment)
Lucky Charms (TV Commercial)
China's Next Top Model (TV Light Entertainment)
Galaxy (TV Commercial)
X Factor Australia (TV Light Entertainment)
Panasonic (E Commerce Campaign)
Lenovo (Corporate Video)
TK Maxx (Fashion Stills Campaign)
Sean Hanna (Hair Photography)
Jason Bourne (Feature Film)
Fox - Michael Fassbender (Talking Head)
Agent Provocateur (Fashion Stills Campaign)
Big Brother (TV Light Entertainment)
KFC (TV Commercial)
Lloyds Bank (TV Commercial)
McDonalds (TV Commercial)
Net A Porter (E Commerce Campaign)
Doctor Foster (TV Drama)
Jill Sanders (Fashion Stills Campaign)

Walter Presents (TV Talking Heads)
KFC (TV Commercial)
Lloyds bank (TV Commercial)
Sean Hanna (Hair Photography)
MTV (TV Show)
Dove Soap (Stills Campaign)
Creed Perfume (Stills Campaign)
London Tonic ((Stills Campaign)
E4 Spa (Brand Spot)
Poker Stars (TV Commercial)
Sustainable Set Hire and Photography Backgrounds for photoshoots and events



About SET Surfaces

Set Surfaces is a sustainable set hire service providing portable ready made and bespoke set solutions for shoots and events. Our SETPanels consist of textiles mounted onto lightweight panels and come in a variety of designs and finishes. All textiles have been handpicked, from high end metallic snakeskin prints from Chelsea Harbour, to prints of plaster, wood and bricks shot in Argentina. Our panels are beautiful yet practical, and provide a simple cost effective background solution for small scale shoots and events without compromising on quality.

About Helen Labourt

Helen Labourt is the founder of Set Surfaces and an accomplished Set Stylist who has been working in the Film and Television Industry for more than 20 years.

She studied Fine Arts Textiles at Goldsmiths University before going on to apply her passion working as a stylist on TV Commercials and photographic stills shoots.

Frustrated by the huge amount of Set Design shoot waste, Helen realised there was a need for ‘ready to hire’ portable sets that could be re-hired and used again. The initial idea included textured backgrounds 'flats' that would complement the set and conceal any issues with location shoots and so, Set Surfaces was born.

Helen Labourt Founder of SET Surfaces Photography Backdrops half way up a yellow metal ladder in front of a range of her backdrops one is textured like a concrete wall in a grey colour another looks like wooden cladding again in a grey colour way. There is one of her SET Panels propped up against the ladder which stands on one of her set floors again in a grey wood design
A Set Surface panel which is a light weight portable fabric backdrop you can hire for studio photoshoots or location photoshoots

Ready To Hire SETS

Today, the panels have evolved from early prototypes of wallpaper on wood and cardboard, to super lightweight SETPanels and interchangeable SETSkins.

With an extensive catalogue of both our own technical textile prints and designer brand luxe metallic fabrics.

How Are Set Surfaces Panels Used?

Our panels are used in both studios and on location for shoots, and for events. They are used as textured backgrounds for fashion and product shoots, or to practically to conceal an issue with the set when shooting on location.Unlike traditional wooden flats the panels are portable, super light weight and ready made. We can dispatch same day direct to your set. We also work hard to keep them affordable, so it's never been easier to 'pop a panel' on set

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